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We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Keep Onny Church of England (Aided) School Open.

More details from petitioner:

Onny CE (Aided) Primary School has been listed as one of the 9 schools which is threatened with closure by Shropshire Council.  Small rural schools have a place in our society; they should be viewed upon as a valuable resource for the county.  The proposal should have focussed on solutions on how we can promote growth of rural schools by enhancing and supporting parent choice and not discriminating against where our village is situated.  By signing this petition you support our plea to have this proposal abolished and to SAVE OUR SCHOOL.


You do not need to sign this E petition if you have already signed the paper one.

Submitted by Laura Watton
Open from 07 Mar 2011 to 24 Mar 2011
Signatures: 97   [Go to signatures]

Council response

Cabinet at its meeting on 4th May 2011 agreed as follows:

(a)  That the outcomes from the pre-statutory consultation to close Onny Church of England School be noted.

(b)  That, the Council defer until the Cabinet meeting on 20th July 2011 a decision on proposals to close Onny Church of England Primary School with effect from 31st August 2011 and to offer places to pupils on roll at the school at Stokesay Primary School, to allow the development of a business plan for a potential Federation with Lydbury North Church of England Primary School, in line with the recommendation of the Corporate Director - People.

In view of the decision above, the petition organiser chose not to submit their petition to the next Council meeting for debate.  (More than 1000+ signatures have been received in the offline and online petitions.)

The issue will next be debated by Cabinet on 20th July 2011.

Cabinet at its meeting on 20th July 2011 agreed as follows:

(a)  That, the recommendations of the Corporate Director - People that Onny and Lydbury North CE primary schools be given the opportunity to progress their proposals for federation in January 2012, be noted.


(b)  That Onny CE Primary School be not closed.


(c)  That the Corporate Director - People be asked to monitor the progress towards federation between Onny and Lydbury North CE primary schools and reserve the right to request that alternative proposals be brought forward if progress towards a federation leading to sustainability over time and continued improvements in the provision of education and outcomes for children should not be maintained.  Progress to be assessed in January 2012.



Laura Watton, the e-Petition Creator, joined by:

  1. Mr Gerald Wild on 23 Mar 2011
  2. Miss Natalie Guest on 23 Mar 2011
  3. Mr Tracy Price on 21 Mar 2011
  4. Mrs Katrina Guntrip on 21 Mar 2011
  5. Ms cat edmonds on 21 Mar 2011
  6. Mrs Valerie Hardwick on 20 Mar 2011
  7. Mrs Janie Williams on 20 Mar 2011
  8. Mr olivier Bossut on 18 Mar 2011
  9. Miss tracy eggerton on 15 Mar 2011
  10. Mrs Helen Lake on 15 Mar 2011
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